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Inspire & Enable Generations To Dream, Lead, & Advance


Our purpose is to encourage generations to Dream, Drive, and Drum Major the advancement and acceleration of their civil and human rights.

The Drum Major Of Change Scholarship is given to deserving high school seniors. Each scholarship recipient is chosen based on their essay submission. 2023 Scholarship Registration TBA.

2022 Drum Major of Change Production

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Drum Major of Change


A Special Thank You to everyone who contributed to making the 2022 Drum Major Of Change Production & Reception a Success. You Are Greatly Appreciated!

2023 Scholarship Registration TBA





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We are only accepting essays from high school seniors graduating from all Birmingham city schools 2023. Last year only Parker High School students were considered for the first round of scholarships. Click the button below to view submission rules and submit your essay.


About Calvin Wallace Woods Sr.

Calvin Wallace Woods (born September 131933 in Birmingham) is pastor of Shiloh Baptist Church in Norwood and former president of the Birmingham chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. He was also pastor of East End Baptist Church, president of the New Era Baptist State Convention, and a co-founder of the Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights.

Woods was the son of Abraham and Maggie Rosa Lee Wallace Woods. He and his older brother Abraham Jr grew up in Birmingham. He attended Parker High School where he learned shoe making and tailoring and also studied public speaking. He graduated in 1950 and earned a partial scholarship to Miles College. He also attended the Universal Baptist Institute, the Universal Baptist Seminary and the Birmingham-Easonian Baptist Bible College. He accepted the pulpit of East End Baptist in 1960.

During the Civil Rights Movement, Woods and his brother both supported the work of Fred Shuttlesworth to challenge segregation with direct, nonviolent protest. He was arrested and beaten during the ACMHR's attempts to desegregate Birmingham buses in December 1956. He was arrested again while marching on the streets during the Birmingham Campaign. He was a participant in the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom that August and in voter rights actions lead by Edward Gardner in 1965. He also planned strategy for public protests following the shooting of five African Americans who had been protesting at a supermarket that year.

Woods succeeded his brother as president of Birmingham's SCLC chapter in 2006. He has spoken out against violence and against a Supreme Court decision rendering parts of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 unenforceable.

A historical marker recognizing Woods' contributions to the Civil Rights Movement was installed at Kelly Ingram Park in September 2014. Woods stepped down from the Birmingham SCLC presidency in 2021. He was succeeded by R. L. Patterson.

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The basic foundational principles that the Calvin Wallace Woods Foundation stands on will help to establish and enhance generational leadership development. We expect future generations to consistently practice the following principles and hold themselves accountable.

Encourage Generations

Show opportunities for growth to generations. Encourage them to have their own personality and walk in their own purpose.

Dream & Drive

Don't leave your dreams in park. Let them drive you and motivate you as you motivate others. You'll touch lives that no one else can.

Drum Major

Lead by example. Remind yourself and others that it's okay to make mistakes. Make a difference by helping others and not just working for yourself.

Advance & Accelerate

Have endurance to continue working in the interest of other people in whatever area you've been called to do so. Move swiftly and make progress. Keep your momentum.

Civil Rights

Stand in the gap for others. Enforce civil rights and privileges for individuals who've been denied or interfered with due to their class or group.

Human Rights

These universal rights are inherent to us all and should be protected. Human rights are the rights we have simply because we exist as human beings - they are not granted by any state.

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